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McAfee is one of the best in the clan of security software. But similar to other software your McAfee antivirus also make you go through several errors and glitches during the course of use. Are you facing problems with the McAfee antivirus? Nothing to worry! There are many who already facing difficulties with the software. Since you have already come to the right place your problem can be resolved with a call only. Contact our McAfee Support team and talk to our expert professionals we will resolve anything and everything you face on

At McAfee Support we regularly serve a long line of customers with different issues. The best part is we resolve almost all the problems they come up with. Here in this article, we are going to give you a brief about the common troubleshooting steps you can follow while facing errors on McAfee.

McAfee support

McAfee Support - Common McAfee Errors We Fix

Starting from issues related to downloading and installation to update related problem our McAfee Technical Support team is capable of resolving them all. Here are the common problems that the McAfee users face and come to us,

Unable to Download McAfee

Are you trying to download McAfee antivirus but the download process never goes to completion? There can be various reasons because of which you are facing the problem. To troubleshoot the problem firstly check your internet connection. To download the whole software file you need to have a stable network connection with good network speed. If there is no issue with the internet there must be something major happened. You need to contact our McAfee Support team for resolution.

Can’t Install McAfee

This is one of the most common problems that the users face with the software. Often users receive error messages like McAfee error 12152 while installing the antivirus. The reasons behind the issue can be one of the following,

  • Incomplete Installation
  • Corrupt file Download
  • Virus or malware Issue
  • Removal of McAfee system file

You need to check and troubleshoot if one of the above mentioned is the reasons you couldn’t install the file. Re-download the whole installer file and try to install McAfee again. If that does not help, it will be best to talk to an expert about the issue. Dial McAfee Customer support phone number and get the resolution within a few minutes.

McAfee Real-time Scan Not working

The real-time scan feature is one of the most useful features of McAfee. If the real-time scan does not work there might be a corrupted system file because of which you are facing the problem. Alongside an outdated version also can be the reason behind your problem. At first, run the Windows System file checker and fix if there is an issue with the system files. After that, update your McAfee antivirus and check if the problem gets resolved or not.

Connecting with our expert team of professionals is the best way to fix all your problems related to McAfee antivirus. We don’t claim of being the best but we ensure such service which we would love to get ourselves. Wondering how to contact us? Have a look below,

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McAfee Customer Support- Contact Us

At McAfee Support we have our multiple contact channels open 24*7 at your service. You can call us at our toll-free McAfee Customer Support number +–. Another way to reach our professional engineers and technicians is through McAfee Chat Support portal. Go to McAfee Live Chat Support portal and talk to our executives about the problem you are facing. They can offer you with remote assistance. If you want you can email your issue at our official mail id as well. Simply enlist all the problem you are having and send it to

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